Descent Miniature Painting

All of our painters have been found.
However, I will keep records of those who have already sent photos to me. It is possible that some models may be lost or someone else will need to finish the painting if an emergency comes up with a specific painter. I wanted to thank all of the people who sent in their photos. All together I had about 50 people who were interested in the offer. - Bruce Hirst

As a quick review, I intend to feature the Descent board game as an example of how the cavern molds can be used (once I end up making them). I am hoping to have several volunteers to paint the miniatures in exchange for molds. I would need these miniatures painted during the next 2 months while I'm working on my house and the cavern molds.

When I display the board game on the web site, I will also include at least one photo of the miniatures you have painted along with your name giving you the credit for the paint job.

I also want to point out a few general guidelines:

  • The paint job should be moderately well done. Each piece of clothing to be one color (neatly separated from the rest of the clothing) with a careful ink wash and a dry brushing. I'm not looking for any decorations on the hem of robes or any fancy work on the swords - just plain silver with a bit of black ink wash carefully applied.

  • I will work out with the painter how many molds will be traded for the paint job. It will be at least one mold per model for a reasonable simple one. Factors I will consider will be the number of different colors on the model, the difficulty involved in painting (some have lots of small bits) and the size of the model.

  • I don't expect that all the models shown here will be painted (the game has a ton of models), so I will simply use as many models as I can get done. I am hoping that someone will paint a few heros and someone will paint a few monsters.

  • I've divided the models into groups. I would like one painter to paint an entire group. This would work especially well on the monsters (one painter painting all the spiders) so that all the spiders will look like they belong together. This is also helpful because most will use the same color scheme and a can be done in more of an assembly line fashion.

  • As painters claim a group of models, I will put a red X through that group so you'll know it's taken.

Here are the heroes:
These models are very small! The tallest is about 1.25" tall. I wouldn't worry about too many of the smallest details. As an example, I doubt that anyone could paint the whites of the eyes, let alone put black dots for pupils in them.

I would like the painter to do one complete set of 5. I know that's asking a lot, and many will not have time to devote to that many. I'll work out how many molds a set would be worth for the painter. I will also be more specific on what color to use for the clothes (I'm pretty flexible here). All bases will be solid black.

Set one

Set two

Set three

Set four

Here are the monsters:
Some of these monsters are very large! The more difficult paint jobs will be worth more molds

I would like the painter to do one complete set of monsters. In the first monsters shown (the goup of skeletons), I will need the painter to paint all 9 skeletons.

This first group includes 6 white skeletons and 3 red skeletons. This means that six of them will be painted normally with gray or earth colored rags, and three of them will have red robes. I'll give more specifics on the colors for each group of monsters to the specific painter.

I realize that on the larger monsters, some of the bases are warped. I'm not too worried about that. All monster bases will be painted solid black as well. On the winged creatures, some of the wings will need to be glued in place with a good model cement.

As painters claim a set of models, I will put an "X" through the photo and mail them the models to paint. Once I receive the painted models, I'll then ship them the molds we have agreed upon.

When I finally complete the cavern molds, I will include at least one photo of the paint job done by a painter along with their name credited on the web site. Please keep in mind that it will take a few months before I complete the cavern molds and have the web page written for the update on the site.

Each painter will have at least 2 months the complete the paint job for one set of heros or monsters (possibly longer). If you have any questions in general about how this works, you may post them on our message board or send me an e-mail at -Bruce Hirst These are photos of miniatures from the Descent board game created by Fantasy Flight Games.
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