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Be sure to check out the Hirst Arts Design Derby hosted by Voidgamers.com. They also have a gallery section where you can see many other current projects that could not fit here. You can even add your own photos to their gallery.

Castle used for Independent Film
Created by Tobias Dawson
These castle photos were sent in by Tobias Dawson. The model was to be used in a small independent film. Here's what he had to say about the model:

"I am a production designer with a small independent film company called Prometheus Motion Pictures. We are producing a micro-budget film titled "Folklore" that required me to build a small castle model for a greenscreen scenic shot. I had a limited amount of time and very little budget, and so I hunted around online for a product that would allow me a good degree of design flexibility as well as good looks and the capability of fitting into our limited time and budget frames.

I decided to give it a try and ordered molds #45, #63, #70 and #201. I had a great time designing and building the model itself, which was created over the course of about a month using your blocks and a variety of custom molds I fabricated. The castle comes apart in a couple of sections, so it can be modified for a sequence in which it has to appear first usable, and then ruinous. I thought building one model that had removable "good" sections that can be replaced with "rubble" sections would be faster and easier than building two models.

The material I used was plaster of paris, glued with wood glue. Since it was not going to be used in any kind of gaming situation, durability was secondary to cost. I painted it with some cheap acrylic craft paint that my girlfriend had laying about, with and undercoat of spray on grey primer. I really did have a great time building this thing, (actually, it's my first scenic model...) and since then I've always been tempted to buy more molds and build more stuff... It's addictive really. Great product!"

Created by Scott Curness
This castle set on a foam hill is very well laid out. The large crenellations are made from the pyramid mold and the rounded section is from the ruined tower mold. Nice work Scott!
Created by Simon Farsi
This temple is a very interesting version of the tomb. Under a small well in the back of the temple is a secret chamber that can open by pulling one of the decorative pillars out. I thought the broken tile roof was done well also.
Created by Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins sent me photos of his jungle. This is some really professional work. I've included a few (edited) notes from his e-mail here:

"The decorative blocks are the GW Glyphs. The large ones are exactly 1 inch square so they work perfect with your blocks. I did make the pyramid from Stephen's design. I was so inspired by his work that I felt like making a whole jungle! And I did. When you put the pictures in the gallery could you please give him credit for the design."

"The water is made from a product called EnviroTex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish. It is a two part resin designed to coat wood, like the really thick clear coat on a bar. It has awesome terrain making qualities. You can color it with paint, and it is opaque so as the water gets deeper it is harder to see through. It also degases itself so there is no bubbles. Best of all, when it is almost dry you can use a strong hair dryer (or blowtorch) to make a ripple effect. I found it at Michael's Crafts, but some hardware stores might carry it also."

"The hills and contours are made from pink/blue foam insulation. I have made a few of these tables and on the last two I was smart enough to take in-progress pictures. My goal was to have step-by-step instructions to show people how it is done. I would love to share the "trade secrets" of making a game board with anybody willing to listen."

Models by Todd Goss

Here's a few of Todd's latest models. He's done an excellent job on the mad scientist lab, especially in adding all of the details. I especially like the staircase and the coloring of the stone. Be sure to check out his web site at www.orcsdrift.com

By Erik Noll
Here's a few buildings created by Erik. The tower comes apart into 3 sections so figures can be placed inside.

The lower left building is his Lizardman Hut. The ladder and timbers add a lot of character. Its roof is removable also. The paint job is very well done. Nice work Erik!

Orc Prison Tower
Created by Richard Ornemark

This is one of the best building and painting jobs I've seen on the prison tower. The dry brushing brings out all of the stone detail. I'm especially impressed with the door. Great job Richard!

Created by Jim Jackson
Here's a few edited notes from Jim's e-mail.

I used acrylic paints (washes and drybrush on the bridge and ruins). Most of the figures are from Reaper miniatures (my favorite line) and the background (created using Bryce 4.0) was inserted afterwards using Adobe PhotoDeluxe."

Click here to check out his website. He has some wonderful models and dioramas!

Created by Mitch Michaelson
Mitch created these great bunkers using the small brick mold. They look like the perfect size for Epic 40K battles. I wouldn't have thought you could use stone arches for these sort of items, but Mitch pulled it off exceptionally well. Excellent work Mitch!

Tower and Keep
Created by Tim Peaslee
On the right is a new photo of a turret roof made from the wood shingle mold. What impressed me most about Tim's work is the furniture. Most of it is made out of balsa wood. Below are the pieces used to make a chair.
Here's a few notes from Tim on the furniture:

Barracks area - "The bunks are with simple rectangular pieces supporting the flat bed pieces.

The blankets were made using tissue paper. You wet the tissue and shape it, then after it dries you coat it with watered down white glue. After that dries you paint it. I lay mine out on aluminum foil so that you can peel them off when dry.

The weapons rack is a fairly simple design. I used a pin drill to make holes every 1/4 inch for the swords. The swords are from Thunderbolt Mountain.

The chests at the end of each bunk are two pieces of balsa glued together. The "lock" is just the head of a pin."

Second floor - "The common area has a large table with four benches, plus a cabinet and two smaller tables.

The handles for the cabinet were made with some small gold pins I found in the craft section at Wal-Mart. The Sergeant's Room is more of the same."

Ruins and Tower
Created by Jeff Collins

I thought the paint job was extremely well done on these.

The roof and floor sections add color and make these pieces great for wargaming terrain.

Small Brick Castle
Created by Luis A. Fernández

Believe it or not, this castle is made completely from the small brick mold #250. Luis designed it specifically for his 15mm figures. He's done things I never thought possible with just this single mold. An incredible amount of work went into this model. Wonderful work Luis!

Ruins and The Gate
Created by Scott Spieker

To the left is a stargate and ruins created by Scott. On the bottom is his latest model which uses the blocks for the base, and terrain from a company called "flying tricycle" for the burned out building. The combination of the two looks great! You can also check out more of Scott's projects at www.voidgamers.com/channel/HirstArts/b.100.html Thanks Scott!

Created by Lon Van Vorous

Lon did a really nice job on this one. The rocks are done especially well. I'm not sure how he got the square blocks to form a large circle, but the effect turned out very nice. I imagine he had to sand the ends of the blocks at a slight angle to get this to work.

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