Hirstopolis Main Page

Hirstopolis is a 3-dimensional tetris style stacking game where you try to construct the largest and most elegant city in the kingdom.

This game can play from 1-6 players and takes about 30 minutes to play. All players build their cities at the same time so there is very little down time where you are waiting for other players to finish their turn.

This game uses 3-dimensional building blocks created from Hirst Arts molds #370 and #371. All maps and rules can be downloaded for free from this web page. This game is not something you can buy but I have made it possible for you to make your own copy.

Game Rules

This section contains all the rules for the game along with videos explaining the rules and specific examples of game play. You can also download and print out the rules here.

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Game Rules

Building Your Game

This page shows in detail how every piece is glued together block by block. This page also has all of the maps, score cards and instructions so you have everything you need to build your complete copy of this game.

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Building Your Game

Dental Stone VS Plastic

This article describes the pros and cons of each material so you can decide for yourself which kind of material you want to use for this project.

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Dental Stone VS Plastic

Casting In Dental Stone

This video is designed for beginners who have never used the molds before and need a step-by-step detailed explanation of how to make this project in dental stone. You will find more detailed information on the Casting Instructions Page.

Dental stone is the least expensive and easiest material to make the game pieces from. However, the blocks will chip occasionally and precautions should be taken to protect your table surface.

Casting in Dental Stone

Casting In Plastic

This advanced tutorial shows how to cast all of these pieces in durable plastic. Plastic is much more expensive than dental stone and is a little harder to glue. However, the game pieces will be lighter and not chip on the corners.

This section also gives tips for gluing the plastic blocks together as well as how to paint the plastic blocks after they are assembled.

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Casting in Plastic