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Overseas Mold Resellers




Officially Licensed Businesses

Located in New Jersey, they sell castings of Hirst Arts blocks, gaming accessories and laser cut wood kits.

Located in Switzerland, they sell Hirst Arts building kits as well as other terrain building items for tabletop games.

Located in Scotland, they sell Hirst Arts castings and other terrain.

Located in the Netherlands, they sell finished painted Hirst Arts terrain items along with other terrain accessories.

Located in Germany, they offer ready to play wargaming terrain in the 25-28mm scale, professionally painted and playtested.

Located in Australia, they sell Hirst Arts moulds, kits, and casts by the kilo. All plaster products are made with Hydrostone TB. They also sell figurines, painted and unpainted.

Located in the US, they sell afordable, durable and ready to play scale terrain for all your gaming needs.

Located in Sydney Australia, selling finished and unpainted modular dungeon tiles and war games terrain.

Located in Russia, Anastasia sculpts many of her own custom pieces and combines them with a few Hirst Arts bits to make some really nice custom furniture and accessories.

Located in France, they have a full range of gaming supplies and also sell Hirst Arts castings.

Located in the US, Armorcast has a huge line of resin cast scenery products for every genre.

Located in Germany, they sell gaming products, block kits and board game accessories made of high quality dental plaster, ceramic and resin.

DMB Games produces games and game accessories including hand made modular Dungeon Terrain sets using Hirst Arts moulds and custom blocks in the UK.

Other Molds and Blocks Compatible with Hirst Arts

Lady Sabelle has sculpted a lot of interesting items to be used with Hirst Arts molds. These are mainly accessory molds that you push polymer clay into.

They have some interesting molds of cavern floors and walls along with other types of rocky terrain molds.

They don't sell molds but they do have a large variety of custom made blocks compatible with Hirst Arts blocks.

Located in the UK they have molds of larger wall sections that can be compatible with Hirst Arts molds.

Located in Spain, they have a variety of molds for 28mm scale that could be used with Hirst Arts molds.

Hirst Arts Related Hobby Sites

I'm not really sure who set this up (it wasn't me) but there's a Facebook fan page showing lots of Hirst Arts related projects.

A hobby site dedicated to the fantasy worlds of miniature modeling, painting, conversion and fantasy roleplay.

An Italian site for fans of role-playing game miniatures. They feature materials, equipment, scenery and game sessions.

Models by Gerard Boom.
A personal web site showcasing Gerard's latest modeling and painting projects. Several models are made with Hirst Arts blocks.

Businesses and Other Related Sites

Located in Pennsylvania, this company sells many types of plaster products. They only ship in the US but their prices include shipping!

The Miniature Building Authority sells painted buildings with lots of detail. They also have interior furniture, barrels, crates and other prepainted details.

World Works has graphics files for villages, dungeons, caves and much more. Print them out on card stock, glue them together and you can build most anything you want. These are some of the best graphic works I have seen in a long time.

Located in the US, they provide LED's for lighting up your dungeon layouts along with software you can use to print out textures of brick and other modeling terrain.

Located in Italy, these guys sell modular building kits that look great! Ordering might be a little difficult but the models are fantastic.

A great hobby web site with supplies, terrain building articles, forums and other items of interest.

An Italian company that carry a wide variety of historical figures and accessories for creating dioramas.

Located in Croatia, they sell resin kits for buildings. They have some of the best sculpting I have seen.

An excellent place for Lord of the Ring miniatures.