Building Plans and Graphics

This page contains a large number of accurate-to-scale plans and images in PDF format. All of these plans have been tested to be error free.

Using this Page

  1. In some web browsers, picking one of the links will automatically open the PDF in a window so you can view and/or print it. If yours doesn't, you will need to download a PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the gold standard PDF reader; their subscription upsales have gotten rather pushy but the free version is sufficient for viewing and printing these files.
  2. If you have trouble opening a PDF link, try a right-click on it (or on a touchscreen, press-and-hold it) instead. This may open a popup menu with more options for opening or saving the file.
  3. When printing any of these items, be sure that you don't have "Fit to page" or "Shrink to fit" or any other option selected that would change the size of the finished print. These plans are to scale so you can build right on top of them.
  4. After you print out your plans, be sure to check them with a ruler. All blocks should be in 1/2" increments for the plans to be exact size.

Hirst Arts Catalog

Product Catalog

This 15-page catalog contains all of the Hirst Arts molds to date. Includes everything shown on the "Molds Available" page, but in an easily printable format.

Last updated on 9/2/22

Printed Maps Page

Printed Hex Maps

I have created a few full color hex maps that can be used with various games such as Battletech and Mechwarrior. These maps are free for private game use. Simply download them and print them out. Directly below are some other hex grids that may help you with your mech projects.

Project Plans