Instruction Videos
Throughout my website there are lots of videos sprinkled amidst the instructions. Sometimes finding a specific video you had watched once and want to review is very difficult if you can't find the thing. This page shows all of the building videos that I have put on the web site. The newer videos (as of 2014) are on Youtube. The older videos at the bottom of this page are on my web server.

Square Foot City
DM Screen Intro
DM Screen Tips

DM Screen Painting
DM Screen Assembly
Sculpting In Plastic

Signal Tower #1
Signal Tower #2
Signal Tower #3

Signal Tower #4
Signal Tower #5
Star Fortress Intro

Star Fortress Blocks
Star Fortress Painting
Dirt and Rock 1

Dirt and Rock 2
Dirt and Rock 3
Painting Grass 1

Painting Grass 2
Gloomhaven 1 Introduction
Gloomhaven 2 casting blocks

Gloomhaven 3 gluing floors
Gloomhaven 4 painting walls
Gloomhaven 5 painting floors

Gloomhaven 6 grass and rock
Gloomhaven 7 adding foam
Haunted dice tower

Brick base coat
Brick stain
Brick gray drybrush

Zombicide wall set
Watermill 1 plans
Watermill 2 piece checklist

Watermill 2A wood and stone
Watermill 2B wood floors
Watermill 2C wood beams

Watermill 2D chimney B7
Watermill 2E chimney T10
Watermill 2F stairway B9

Watermill 2G fireplace T11
Watermill 2H wheel W4
Watermill 3A cutting W1

Watermill 3B cutting W2 & W3
Watermill 4A painting brick
Watermill 4B painting planks

Watermill 4C painting wood
Watermill 4D painting stone
Watermill 4E painting foundation

Watermill 5A remaining walls
Watermill 5B building suggestions
Watermill 5C painting doorways

Watermill 6A bottom floor
Watermill 6B bottom floor
Watermill 6C top floor

Watermill 7A water wheel
Watermill 7B water wheel
Watermill 7C water effects

Watermill 8A roof
Watermill 8B roof
Painting the dock pieces

Cutting the dock base
Assembling the dock
Making a fish's back

Testing resin for water
Pouring resin under the dock
Applying texture to the water

Gel medium VS Mod podge
Texturing using epoxy
Using UV cure glue

Before your first casting
Making a reusable measuring cup
About casting material

Setting up a work area
Mixing plaster of Paris
Pouring the plaster

Demolding the blocks
How to use surfactant
Using the glass method

Using a vibrating table
Buying dental stone
Mixing Merlin's Magic

Mixing Excalibur
Mixing Die Stone
Mixing Flow Stone

How to paint
half timber planks

How to arrange
half timber planks

Making corrugated
tin sheeting

Making trenches
Part 1

Making trenches
Part 2

Making trenches
Part 3

Preparing the mold
for plaster casting

Gluing together
the rock hexes

Painting and finishing
rock hexes

Sandbag fortress
Assembling the plan

Sandbag fortress
Cutting the layers

Sandbag fortress
Cutting the hills

Sandbag fortress
Rock face cutting basics

Sandbag fortress
Cutting rock face on your hill

Sandbag fortress
Gluing on planks

Sandbag fortress
Gluing on the sandbags

Sandbag fortress
Dark brown base coat

Sandbag fortress
Dry brushing the rock face

Sandbag fortress
Medium dry brushing

Sandbag fortress
Bag and plank highlights

Sandbag fortress
Using real dirt

Sandbag fortress
Gluing on ground cover

Sandbag fortress
Sealing with hairspray

Old Instruction Videos
Many of these videos were made long before the age of Youtube. They had to be kept very small and short so they would not take forever to load. Because of this the image quality also had to suffer quite a bit. I will probably redo several of these videos to get them up to a much higher quality. I've also learned a few things since these were shot.

This page contains all of the videos that appear on my web site. To view these videos, you will need either a Windows Media Windows Media Player or a Quicktime Movie Player. Click the links to the right for a free copy of either. How to get a Windows Media Player How to get a Quicktime Movie player

Preparing the mold
for resin casting
View Windows Media File (641K)
View Quicktime File (656K)
Casting in
plastic resin
View Windows Media File (1.01MB)
View Quicktime File (1.01MB)
Removing and cleaning
resin pieces
View Windows Media File (2.54MB)
View Quicktime File (2.57MB)

Painting the
dark gray base coat
View Windows Media File (2.26MB)
View Quicktime File (2.31MB)
Painting the
medium gray coat
View Windows Media File (1.68MB)
View Quicktime File (1.68MB)
How dry
brushing works
View Windows Media File (2.16MB)
View Quicktime File (2.26MB)

Painting the final
highlight coat
View Windows Media File (2.12MB)
View Quicktime File (2.16MB)

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