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The RAL color system.

Castle gray

Earth tone



RAL color




The RAL Color System for Foreign Customers
The RAL color system is used in Europe and many other countries. They have books of color samples and each color has a specific number. Their web site at is in German but this is where I ordered my color chip selector (which was expensive) so I could find the closest match to what I was using.

I have listed the RAL numbers for the paint colors I use, so that those who live outside the U.S. may be able to get the same colors of paint mixed more easily (if their paint store uses that color system).

There are two RAL color systems shown. The one on the right is much more accurate.

When you get your paint mixed, write down the numbers for both systems. There is no telling which system they use, or if they use RAL systems at all.

RAL Classic
This system is more common to find but there are fewer colors in it. These colors do not match mine as accurately.

RAL Design System
This has a lot more colors in it and I could match these more accurately. However, this system is not used as much.
Castle Gray Dark RAL# 7015 Slate grey RAL# 260 40 05
Castle Gray Medium RAL# 7046 Telegrey2 RAL# 250 60 10
Castle Gray Light RAL# 7047 Telegrey4 RAL# 260 80 05
Desert Dark RAL# 1019 Grey beige RAL# 050 60 10
Desert Medium RAL# 1000 Green beige RAL# 095 80 30
Desert Light RAL# 1013 Oyster white RAL# 085 90 20
Dirt Color RAL# 1019 Grey beige RAL# 075 60 20
Earth Tone Dark RAL# 8028 Terra brown RAL# 060 30 10
Earth Tone Medium RAL# 8001 Ochre brown RAL# 070 60 30
Earth Tone Light RAL# 1001 Beige RAL# 080 80 05
Red Brick Dark RAL# 8019 Grey brown RAL# 360 30 05
Red Brick Medium RAL# 8012 Red brown RAL# 030 40 30
Red Brick Light RAL# 3015 Light pink RAL# 040 70 20
Sand RAL# 1002 Sand yellow RAL# 080 80 30
Water Cavern Dark RAL# 7031 Blue grey RAL# 100 40 05
Water Cavern Medium RAL# 1020 Olive yellow RAL# 085 60 30

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