Starship Interior Building Instructions

If you haven't built any of these before, I suggest starting with the Basic Interiors on the left. The two molds used for the basic interiors are also used in the Med Lab and Cargo Bay interiors.

Basic Interiors

These are made using only molds #301 (Starship Wall mold) and #270 (Starship Deck mold). The pieces from these two molds are the foundation from which everything else is made.

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Med Lab Interiors

Once you have molds #301 and #270, you can add molds #303 and #271 to create more detailed pieces for med labs, barracks and command centers.

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Cargo Bay Interiors

Here again you need to have molds #301 and #270 to start with. By adding molds #302, #272 and 273 you can make the cargo bay sections shown here.

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